No. I don’t want to hear about your latest Grand Prix.

You know what – I am seriously starting to unfollow advertising creatives. I have really, really seen enough. A lot of what I see is just a lesson on how to not use social media, and how to present yourself in the shallowest way possible.

It’s amazing how some people think that folks on LinkedIn (or Facebook for that matter) are just waiting for all those glamorous advertising stars to tell them about yet another golden award at the Whatchamacallit Advertising Festival.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s great to win something and it’s more than legitimate to share the joy on social media. The problem is – a lot of these colleagues have absolutely nothing else to tell the world.

Is this really all they can communicate? Gold here, Silver there, and if it’s not that it’s another airport lounge pic, or a selfie with the super slick jury buddies, look who I’m friends with, right at the top and all. End of content, see you next month with the same.

Nothing to say.

No opinions, no knowledge shared, no contribution to any of the discussions that shape our industry – and if at all it’s yet another case video to make sure it gets enough exposure before the next important show. The number of agency creatives that really have something to say beyond how massively successful they are is embarrassingly low.

And it’s the same people that will tell their clients that their social media strategy will fail if they only talk about themselves and their amazing products and achievements. The same people that tell their clients that a brand needs to have a position, even an opinion, it needs to connect and engage.

Again: telling the world about great wins is necessary and important. It’s an opportunity to say thanks to the team, to be happy and proud, and to be grateful to the organizers of all the magnificent events we are invited to.

But for Christ’s sake, if nothing else ever pops up in our profiles, we’re boring the hell out of people. It’s as mindless as an endless series of duck-faced selfies and even less entertaining than sixteen tons of pet content.

Sure. Nine hundred.

And while we’re at it – telling the world that your superstar Global CCO has won more than 900 Cannes Lions is among the dumbest crap I have read in ages. Nine hundred… But yes of course, he is responsible for the whole damn network, and of course he is  credited for every piece of work from all the countries, even the ones he never even visited.

I know, I am starting to rant, but it’s just so embarrassing, and it will make sure that all the misconceptions many clients have about what’s really on the minds of advertising creatives are going to stay there for yet another decade of vanity in the face of extinction.

My next jury duty is just another week away – and I am happy and grateful to be there, meet wonderful people, see great work, get inspired. And if we win, I will post about it. Of course I will. But at least no one will have a chance to tell me that this is my top priority.


Working in advertising and communications. Founder of wrage/antwort, a business consultancy in search of creative answers to business problems. Based in Switzerland, working anywhere you need me.

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