Learning: Why I am going back to be an intern again.

It has become quite common that people call themselves lifelong learners. It’s a pretty fashionable attribute. Fair enough, the advertising industry does offer quite a wide variety of events that give us a chance to feed our head. But – is that really all we can do?

To be clear – I am far from saying bad things about festivals and congresses. I visit a lot of them, and I usually take something with me that makes me a better professional. I just somehow feel that a series of 40 minute lectures is not enough. I want to go deeper.

That’s why I decided to be an intern again. For one month, at a place that does stuff that I couldn’t do and in a way that is not known to me. At least to a large extent. A nerdy digital place in Berlin called Ufomammoot.

This really is the only way I can truly learn something. And I don’t see any reason why someone that has 25 years of agency experience should not wear the red intern cap (yes, the guys at Ufomammoot will have one ready for me…).


This is where I’ll work. You might want to check out their award winning website.

I am convinced that there is no better way of getting to know stuff that I don’t know. There are too many people running around acting as if they knew digital without ever really having had any deeper exposure to it. And I sure don’t want to be one of them.

Not that I don’t know my way around digital advertising. I was there when it was born, and never lost sight of it. But anyone who worked his way into what used to be called 360 will not have been able to focus enough on digital to be a real expert.

Consequently, I am not, and they are. I won’t be one after a month, but I will know more. For sure. And if I don’t make a total fool of myself and get sent home early, this might just be the first of a series of internships. I think internships should be mandatory for people who have leadership responsibilities.

So if you see a guy wearing a red intern cap in Berlin in November, and you think he’s a bit too old for it, that’s going to be me. Buy me a coffee. Interns don’t get paid really well.

I’ll keep you posted.



Working in advertising and communications. Founder of wrage/antwort, a business consultancy in search of creative answers to business problems. Based in Switzerland, working anywhere you need me.

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